Dholakpur Open Tennis…

Accept the Kalia Challange at dholakpur to plays tennis open with a cricket bat.


Chhota Bheem…

Chotabheem is bowling to kalia you have…

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Power Strike…

Help bheem by striking the ball to…

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Matki Cricket

chota bheem is going to hit matkies…

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Welcome To The Chota Bheem Games 2015

As All We Know that the adventures of chota bheem,which is very famous in the current youth ,adults and the children specially of asian sites its very famous in pakistan and specially in India Because chota bheem and krishna specially a story of indian cartoon character which is all we know that this character is done by a famous indian boy which is 9 years old and but chota bheem is very funny and strong character.

In this cartoon of chota bheem is generally a name of a child whose age is 9 years old but he is very famous because of his strong ness which make him totally different from others and he is much stronger than the most grow-up mens.he really like laddoos very much and in the cartoon when chota bheem eats his favourite laddoos he become stonger for a while and ready to fight against enemy

The cartoon of chota bheem was started in early 2008 and getting famous day by day according to the comedy adventures of animated series and win the hearts of millions of people all over the world but more specifically the peoples of Asian countries just like Pakistan And India

Chota bheen is specially very entertaining as well as very educated too in the mean time a program which can lead the interest of your children and make the laugh and interested and for this many of people started playing roles of chota bheen by them self which is quite amazing and Funny

Chota Bheem with his friends Chutki,Indumati,Raju, and Jaggu are live in the city name as Dholakpur in the city they protect citizens by evil things and there enemies like Kalia Pahelwan. which is another interesting character most likely by childrens but a negative character of the cartoon

In this Cartoon while chota bheem is big hearted character and his aim to save the people from evil and just beside of his stength , he is a very intelligent,brave and he loves adventures.In this Cartoon bheem helps the poor and needy person and fight against evil just like his enemies and in short protect the area where he live with the other children.The Animated Character Chota Bheem further like animals very much too he has his own pet which is monkey

In todays world a young boys love to play cricket football an other sports as well as chota bheem games love this type of games and cricket games his favourite one, In my game site you can find alot games related to Chota Bheem but specially the game such as chota bheem playing cricket ,football, jumping are the special series of games which is provided by me.So you people can check most highest and top rated games through our content